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        Non-profit animal rescue of Belgrade


What can you do to help?

At any given time we have about 70 animals in our care. About 30 animals live in private shelters that cost about 50 Euros/month per animal. We struggle paying every month for the shelters and therefore we are in debt every month. Other animals are lucky to have kind foster parents and homes that from time to time help us out.  


Unfortunately, we are not always able to pay for the shelter or find a foster home. Then, we are forced to have animals spend days in our cars until we find a place for them.  So if yo want to help and foster or perhaps sponsor a dog to have a shelter please email us at  or donate right here.



Medical Expenses


Almost all animals we care for need some kind of medical attention. Our medical expences are the highest and toughest to keep up with. So far we owe $1300 to our favorite Vet who is kind enough to always help.  


This perhaps for internationl standards is not alot but in Serbia an average pay is 300 euros per month ($400).


It has been a real challenge to collect enough money to at least pay off our debt to the Vet. If you would like to help us pay our Vet bills please donate. Every dollar/euro helps! 






For those who live within Serbia-Belgrade and have cars could always help us with transport. We get calls day and night about animals that have been hit by cars, abused or are need of immediate help. Sometimes we are just not able to keep up and be there on time, so we need someone localy to drive/drop of the animal at a certain location.  


These situations are usually announced through our Facebook page and you can always contact us there if you wish to help.





Once a month we meet and invite our followers and animal lovers to come and donate food, money, medicine, toys, blankets in front of Pet Center in New Belgrade.  


The actual date and time is announced on our Facebook page.







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Local Currency Tranfer (Dinar):

160 - 395436 - 78

Banca Intesa 


Udruzenje Beta Beograd

International Currency : 
IBAN RS35160005400000584619

If you wish to donate via e-transfer or western union please email us at;

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