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        Non-profit animal rescue of Belgrade

About Us

Who we are..

Beta Belgrade branched out from our parent organization Beta Zajecar in 2013.  Our team is made of a hand-full of volunteers that got together in the name of love for animals of Belgrade. We are a non-profit organization that is committed to saving abandoned, abused and sick cats and dogs of Belgrade.We are not funded by any government agency, and rely solely on the generosity and kindness of animal lovers. Every one of our directors, foster parents, and volunteers are very passionate about and committed to rescuing animals, and receive no remuneration for their work with us.


Belgrade currently has about 15,000-20,000 stray dogs and cats. About 80% of these animals are abandoned by their owners. Most of these animals are not spayed and neutered therefore their numbers keep growing.  All animals that come through Beta Belgrade are sick, abused or new born puppies that have been thrown away, bagged in garbage bags and left alone to die. 


No matter how much we try and lower the numbers of animals in our care , it is a battle we can only win one animal at the time. We have about 70 fur babies in our care at a time.  Some have been ready, and waiting for a forever home for years now. Some are sick and in need of medical care.


Beta Belgrade does not have a shelter. We place our dogs and cats in foster homes or privately owned shelters.  All our financing strictly comes from donations. Once a month we meet in front of a famous Pet Center in Belgrade for donations in food,blankets, toys, medicine etc. Every penny donated to Beta Belgrade goes directly to the care and rehabilitation of our homeless cats and dogs.


Our mission is to provide the most suitable, safe and caring homes to dogs in our care.  Beta Belgrade uses a rigorous screening process to achieve this, and ensure that our dogs are placed appropriately. We ask as many questions as possible to help get to know the applicant and help us make the right match.


Help us to help them!


"Saving one dog will not


change the world,


but surely for that one


dog the world will





The road to my heart 

is paved with 

paw prints!

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